My works celebrate the plant and animal kingdom’s wide palette and intricate patterns. The process for creating the flora and fauna existing in my imaginary ecosystems can be likened to jazz- I’m riffing on nature, taking colors, structures, etc. from a variety of species and places, and reconfiguring them in a new way. Materials such as translucent tissue weight papers and glass inform these fantastic and ephemeral species. The resulting drawings, prints and sculptures also act as starting points for my unique designs for fabrication in various other durable materials.

These hybrids of various botanical and zoological species employ careful hand-color application, drawing, hand cut components, and a combination of centuries-old making printmaking techniques. The resulting fictional works reflect a delicate intricacy that requires time-intensive craftsmanship. Many of my works react to viewer proximity, or the airflow within an exhibition space, making the pieces seem to come to life when approached. Upon closer inspection, the viewer is often rewarded with remarkably detailed patterns, or with the discovery of another smaller and more delicate “species” hidden beneath the first layer of an installation. Other works are displayed in vitrines to appear more specimen-like. I sometimes use digital printing methods in some of my works as well. Most recently I created a new body of sculptures and installations of handmade paper for an installation at Wave Hill’s Glyndor Gallery in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx in NYC.

The ability to reach a wide and diverse audience inspires my enthusiasm for art in the public realm. In 2012 my design for a large public work, Coom Barrooom, was installed at Rockaway Beach in Queens. This work was commissioned by NYC’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Arts for Transit program. The piece was inspired by a marine anomaly near the station and reflects my desire to bring light and beauty to the neighborhood’s subway station. DC Government Services commissioned me to create five engraved and hand-painted designs for the Horace Mann Elementary School. The works were inspired by the school’s emphasis on the outdoor environment and installed in 2016.